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My name is Desiree Storm. I am an illustrated stylist based in South Florida. I truly have an eye for beauty and believe that everyone is beautiful in their own way, but with the right styling you can be pretty powerful. Licensed since 2005. I specialize in beauty coaching, makeup, hair, eyelash extensions, styling for fashion shows/editorial print/bridal and hair extensions. The D Storm Experience is geared towards professional, luxury onsite styling and full salon experience.


As a child I always knew I was going to be in the beauty industry. After multiple haircuts and angry parents (at age 6)  I decided one day I will learn how to make them happy, never was I discouraged by the raging mothers. In 2003 I began my journey in the cosmetology field and here I am today in south Florida living out my dream and sharing my knowledge.

The D Storm Experienced is my brand. Here you will find a complete overview of every service I provide along with top of the line products and knowlege I sell! I love to pamper so I'm very passionate about making every service a fabulous  experience. Quality is everything  and looking and feeling beautiful is a must,  which is my goal with each and every client I service.

 Formal, runway, print and wedding styling are my passion. I cover the whole look from your lashes to hair and makeup. Sometimes people hire different stylist for different things but there's no need here, I confidently do it all ( but I support your choice).


D Storm

I am  a certified directory eyelash extension stylist for Xtreme Lashes. Also I have attended many makeup seminars/courses and up to date hair extension technique classes staying updated year to year. I have styled hair and makeup for multiple fashion shows, photo shoots and weddings.  I have also developed an online Beauty Bootcamp to help prepare and grow beauty business' and stylist. I also do online private coaching classes, you can find this on the Book Online page. You can also purchase my top picks of products and more on my Shop D Storm page. Enjoy!


Bridal Stylist
Makeup Artist
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